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b144 is the telephone information website of Bezeq, The Israel Telecommunication Corp, Limited.


Bezeq is the owner of "144 Information", which provides the telephone numbers of businesses and private individuals throughout Israel.

In 2007, the Company set up b144 – a new and advanced web-based telephone information site.


You can use b144to find the telephone numbers of private individuals from all of Israel's communications providers (fixed and mobile): HOT, Cellcom, Pelephone, Orange and others.

In addition, b144 provides you with over 300,000 telephone numbers of businesses in Israel, and shows their addresses on a street map.


With over a million monthly visits to the website, b144 offers business owners the opportunity to join and subscribe to the site, in order to enjoy a variety of advertising options. When you subscribe to the site, your business will enjoy levels of exposure not available to non-subscribers. The benefits include a prominent location at the top of the search results page for the selected field, the opportunity to provide details of your business and its services on your business card, and the option of building a unique Internet page, containing information and content related to your service, such as pictures, presentations and more.


At b144, we work every day to update and maintain our site, and we will be happy to be of service to you in any way.


Phone: 1-700-707-144, email: b144@bezeq.co.il


All the businesses. All the people. www.b144.co.il



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